Eco Schools

15th October 2020

This year, Moretonhampstead Primary School's Eco Team is going to follow a new programme - the Eco Schools programme.  The first step towards gaining an award is to form a new Eco Team Committee.  

The children have been told about the new programme and now have an opportunity to apply to be on the committee.  The attached letter which explains more about the Eco Schools programme.  It will not only be the children on the committee who will partake in the programme and work towards the awards; there will be an opportunity for all children who wish to take part to do so throughout the year.

As stated in the attached letter, the programme welcomes the involvement and support of parents and carers.  Due to current restrictions, parent volunteers will be unable to attend meetings however we welcome any ideas you may have and, if you wish to be involved as a parent representative, we can provide you with updates of our progress.

Thank you.

Sarah Mackley

Teaching Assistant & Eco-Team Co-ordinator